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Step In Dream Home – Dubai Real Estate

The Brief The primary objective was to create a logo that resonates profoundly with the high-net-worth clientele the brand caters to. The logo needed to encapsulate the essence of opulence while encapsulating the promise of a lavish lifestyle that ‘Step In Dream Home’ offers to its clientele. With the challenge of blending luxury and aspiration, the task was to design a logo that not only stood as a hallmark of success but also embodied the idea of a dream abode. The Solution The logo design draws inspiration from the elegance of a gem, symbolizing the pinnacle of luxury that ‘Step In Dream Home’ represents. It ingeniously incorporates a home’s silhouette within its negative space, seamlessly blending the essence of opulent living which is the brand’s core promise. The custom unicase font enhances modern appeal while colors signify opulence, passion, and achievement. Overall, the design embodies aspiration, offering a glimpse of grandeur in Dubai living.

Step In Dream Home - Dubai