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Amura – Website Design

About the project Amura are a team of people who successfully helped thousands of people to become healthier than they were years ago, slowed down their ageing, made them happier a lot and even helped them become much more productive. Working on the design guidelines for Amura’s new website was a pleasure. This endeavour entailed a comprehensive rebranding effort, building a multi-page website from the ground up. The complexity of the project lay in several aspects, where I had to develop a unique style that would differentiate Amura from its competitors. Additionally, I had to bear in mind that the website serves as one of the primary channels for client information.   So in other words, the website had to be unique, fast, flexible to use, fully customisable and suitable for SEO optimisation – a comprehensive set of requisites that align perfectly with my preferences. The task at hand was to redesign the logo and create guidelines and a UI style guide for the brand.  

Amura Health